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We're Soroush Hatami, a 37-year-old entrepreneur and recreational drummer who was born in Iran and moved to Canada in 2013, and Daniel Sellers, 32, a gardener, birder, and steadfast vegan who has lived in Toronto all his life. We met in the summer of 2016, when ...


why are we doing this?

Less than a month after Soroush's qualifying race, U.S. voters somehow picked Donald Trump to be their next president. As he had promised, Trump quickly went to work restricting citizens of several primarily Muslim countries from entering the United States. In his ...

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our goal 

As we train this winter, we're hoping to raise a minimum of US$26,200 for the fight against the travel ban. The number is not an arbitrary one; it will amount to $1,000 for every mile we still are optimistic we will run together in Boston on April 16, 2018.      

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HoW far we have come


US$ 7,546.60

raised of  US$ 26,200

As of April. 27, 2018

Updated daily. All figures USD. 

Please support Banned on the Run with a donation to either—or both—of these excellent organizations, which are committed to fighting the Trump travel ban.


Muslim Advocates is a national legal advocacy and educational organization that works on the frontlines of civil rights to guarantee freedom for Americans of all faiths. In light of the many serious challenges facing American Muslims under the Trump administration, Muslim Advocates is expanding and deepening its work in four critical ways: (Learn more)


The International Refugee Assistance Project (IRAP) organizes law students and lawyers to develop and enforce a set of legal and human rights for refugees and displaced persons. Mobilizing direct legal aid, litigation, and systemic advocacy, IRAP serves the world’s most persecuted individuals and empowers the next generation of ... (Learn more) 



Preventing Muslims from entering the United States is a long-term goal of president Donald Trump: he first called for a total ban in December 2015, when he was still just a candidate for the Republican nomination. But his attempts at passing legislation that would keep Muslims out of the country have not gone smoothly.